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Custom Deck Builder in Fort Worth

If you need a wooden deck built in Fort Worth, there is no better contractor to call than Patio and Hardscape Fort Worth. 

Our decks are built with quality and pride to last and become a natural extension to your home. No outdoor living space is complete without a beautiful deck. Let us walk you through the process, from conception to reality. We have tons of wood grains, stains, colors, and styles to inspire the deck of your dreams. 

Coupled with wooden patio covers, outdoor fireplaces, or other amenities we can build, your deck will be the talk of the neighborhood.

Wooden Decks are a Stunning Addition to Any Outdoor Living Space

Getting out of the house doesn’t necessarily mean you have to leave home or drops hundreds of bucks to entertain your family for the day. Having an outdoor space to hangout with family and friends is something a true Texas home simply can’t go without. 

Here in the south, where we have about 9 months of Summer, there’s nothing better than being able to host a family barbecue or watching your kids play with the dog in the yard while you enjoy an ice-cold glass of sweet tea on your nice new wooden deck. Deciding to add a new patio or deck to your home opens up tons of possibilities to host parties, relax in the sun or even just cozy up with a good book and enjoy an afternoon of fresh air.

Wooden decks save you money

There are many reasons families decide that adding a wooden deck to their home is a great idea. One huge deciding factor is the amount of money a patio can save a family over time. Wood is the cheapest material used to make decks, so by choosing a wooden patio over a paver one, you’re already saving tons of dollars. 

When your family is out on the deck having fun in the sun, there’s no need to have the air conditioner set very low or to have a fan spinning in each room. Having a patio installed will also save you gas money and the cost of constantly having to take your children out to be entertained year round. 

Professionally installed decks increase your home value
Homeowners who may consider moving down the line should know that a patio is guaranteed to add value to your home and in Texas a well-constructed deck is something that house shoppers find irresistible.

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Wooden decks require virtually no maintenance

Another great reason to consider adding a wooden deck to your house is because they’re a lot of fun with very little upkeep. A professionally built deck is sturdy and will last for years to come. 

We do a great job installing wooden decks that on average last a few years longer than local competitors before needing a new coat or a touch up. A new outdoor living space can be the difference in travelling to the parties or bringing the parties to you and nothing is more fun than a free space to have all of your favorite people over for cookouts, playdates and parties. 

Since a patio will occupy a large area of your lawn, yard work will be significantly reduced, and outdoor furniture and decks are made to resist even the harshest of sunrays, winds and rain so it’ll be years before you’ll even have to consider replacing anything. If you feel your wooden deck needs a nice wash just hose it down or sweep it off, and voila, it’s just like new.


Wooden decks are super customizable

With so many customizable options, a beautiful wooden deck can be built to suit any style so choose stains, patterns and textures that will be most soothing for you. 

The gardener in your household will enjoy growing plants and flowers they’d normally have to go without in the shade of your deck that can’t withstand harsh sunrays. Maybe if you have a wooden patio installed you’ll finally be able to convince your kids to spend the day away from gaming systems and have some fun outdoors. 

Patios and decks add so many great benefits to the lives of families all over the nation, especially here in the south. Let our family give yours the wooden deck of their dreams!

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