Backyard outdoor kitchen in Fort Worth, TX

Outdoor Kitchens in Fort Worth Essential for Outdoor Living Spaces

Adding a kitchen to your outdoor living space will be one of the best decisions of your life. Family dinners, summer holidays and parties will never be the same because outdoor kitchens make hosting a breeze. 

With a fully stocked kitchen in your backyard, you’ll never have to miss funny jokes, fireworks or any of the special moments you see when your loved ones are all gathered again because you have to run in and check on the food. Imagine getting out of the pool on a hot Summer day and walking over to your outdoor fridge to grab a cold drink or laughing with all of your best friends with the smell of barbecue in the air. Texas weather allows for so many opportunities to host friends and family and adding a kitchen to your outdoor living area is like a cherry on top.

Each one of our team members is licensed, professional, experienced and dedicated to bringing your backyard dreams to reality by working with you and building a custom plan for your space.

The Outdoor Kitchen Trend is On the Rise

Outdoor kitchens in Fort Worth have never been more popular. By installing an outdoor kitchen on your patio, or adding one to a custom patio design and remodeling projects, you’ll add a touch of luxury and significantly increase the value of the home.

We’ve all seen some of our favorite celebrities enjoy their outdoor kitchens and they seem like a luxury that the average person doesn’t really need, but there are tons of benefits to consider.

Increase the size of your home

Your total living space will increase in size. In fact, you may spend more time in your outdoor living space than you do inside. An outdoor kitchen is a fully-functional new room to your existing home. Having a nice, outdoor living area at your home means more space for your family to gather and nothing brings people together like a great homecooked meal. 

Impress your guests

Outdoor kitchens are great for entertaining and impressing your guests. Think of all the money you’ll save by hosting events on your own patio rather than dining out.


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Improve your health and wellness

Having access to sunshine and fresh air has been proven to lower anxiety and boost your mood. An outdoor kitchen will give you the option to enjoy some fresh air and be entertained anytime you get hungry. 

More cost-effective than remodeling

If your current kitchen has shortcomings that are undesirable to you or costly to fix, such as needing more cabinet space, or if you dreamed of having your fridge close to your stove. You can realize your dreams of a new kitchen and gain the benefits of having it outdoors at the same time.

Not just for BBQs

While many associate outdoor kitchens with grilling veggies and smoking meat, it can be used anytime you want whether you want to whip up some breakfast and enjoy your muffin at your new bar or you just don’t want your indoor kitchen to reek of onions, garlic or fish. 

Savings on energy costs

Another huge benefit you’ll love about having an outdoor kitchen is that you’ll have noticeably lower energy bills if you utilize it often, which shouldn’t be a problem in North Texas because we have a lot of sunny days. The reason you’ll se a change in energy usage is because the air conditioner in your house won’t have to work as hard if the kitchen isn’t constantly raising the temperature.

Increased home value

If your family ever decides to move, you’ll love the incredible value an outdoor kitchen adds to your home because you’ll see a huge return of investment. In a place like Texas everyone loves to enjoy their backyards as much as possible and a nice kitchen is something anyone would love to have on their patio. 

A recent study from Absolute Outdoor Kitchens found homes with an outdoor kitchen see a ROI of between of 100% and 200% than homes without.

With so many beautiful textures, stones and designs to choose from, the gorgeous new outdoor kitchen of your dreams is only a call away. Make your backyard to the coolest place in town today!

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