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We began our custom outdoor living space designer services in Fort Worth and surrounding areas in 2008. Now, over a decade later we’ve given countless homes some of the best backyards in all of Cow Town and we’re well known for the awesome quality, selection, service and competitive prices that just cant be beat by any of our competitors. 

Each one of our team members is licensed, professional, experienced and dedicated to bringing your backyard dreams to reality by working with you and building a custom plan for your space.

Enjoy all the Benefits of a Custom Covered Patio Design

Here in Texas the sun shines a lot and while we all love spending time on our patios we can all agree that having patio covers in Fort Worth is essential to your backyard living space. 

We customize beautiful patios and covers to suit your style and budget. Whether you want a modern cover that’s slim and sleek or one that’s warm, wooden and rustic, we have plenty of options to make sure that you and your family get the patio cover of your dreams at the best rate on the market. 

Our beautiful custom-built wooden patio covers become a natural-looking extension to your home, expertly blended with the existing structure. Whether you want one gable, two, or none at all, no matter the size, we can help plan, design, and build the patio cover perfect for your home.

Patio covers provide shade

One of the most obvious benefits that comes with a patio cover is the shade that it provides. In Texas you have to keep things cool if you want any shot of utilizing the patio you’ve invested so much into during the day. Having a patio cover in your outdoor living space will really come in handy when you’re throwing parties, hosting on the holidays or even just enjoying a good book while your husband grills and your children play. 


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Protection from the sun for yourself and your patio furniture

Patio covers in Fort Worth protect you and your loved ones from harsh sunrays and also shields your outdoor furniture and decorations. While you don’t want your furniture to begin to peel or fade because of the sun beaming down on it, it’s also really important to consider a patio cover to protect your belongings from other inclement weather as well. Snow and ice will ruin wooden patios so protecting it from the elements is a very important part of upkeep. 

Enjoy your patio year-round

Having a covered outdoor living area comes in handy all year long.  When you invest so much into your outdoor living space, you should be able to use it whenever and however you like. 

If you want to grill burgers in your outdoor kitchen as the snow falls in January a patio cover will allow you to do that. If you want to play board games on your outdoor table with friends as the sun beams down in August you’ll be happy to sit under some shade. Regardless of the occasion, a patio cover ensures that your time will be spent in comfort and that your things will maintain a good condition for years to come. 

Increase your resell value

If you ever consider moving and decide to sell your house, having a patio cover will up the value of your home. Potential home buyers, or even just guests that you host will appreciate being able to utilize the patio at any time of the year or the day regardless of weather. Start enjoying your outdoor living area that much more and protect the items you cherish the most. Your beautiful new custom patio covers in Fort Worth is only a call away.

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