A beautiful small, urban backyard garden featuring a tumbled paver patio, flagstone stepping stones, and a variety of trees, shrubs and perennials add colour and year round interest.

Our Paver Patios in Fort Worth Will Transform Your Outdoor Living

Do you want a patio that’s durable, safe and absolutely stunning? If your answer is yes,  you’re in the right place because we’ve constructed some of the most beautiful paver patios in Fort Worth and we know that our team can design and craft a paver patio that you, your family and your guests will fall in love with. 

A paver patio will transform your boring outdoor living space in to the beautiful, charming backyard oasis you’ve always wanted because there’s tons of marvelous stones, textures and tones to choose from. With paver patios, no two backyards are the same, but each one comes with the same list of benefits and is sure to be the best fit customized to your style choices.

Benefits of Installing Brick, Stone, or Concrete Paver Patio

One of the biggest sighs of relief home owners breathe is when they learn how durable paver patios in Fort Worth are. 

 How long do paver patios last?

When you invest so much into your space, you want to admire and enjoy it for a while. Paver patios are the perfect addition to your outdoor space if you want a beautiful feature that’ll stay intact for years and years to come. Paver patios can last over 10 years and look as good as the day they were installed. 

When installed by a competent professional such as here at Patio and Hardscape Fort Worth, stones will not shift over time and will become even more stable.

Strong against any weather conditions

Unlike wooden patios, paver patios can stand against anything nature throws its way- harsh Texas sun rays, snow, ice, hailstones and more. 

Because paver patios are so durable, you won’t need to invest in a patio cover or arbor, although we advise against that because the sun really beams down in North Texas.

 From huge parties every night to the harshest weather we get, paver patios stay strong through it all and we guarantee your patio will be just as beautiful and sturdy years from now.


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Low Maintenance

Another huge benefit that comes with the decision to get a paver patio is that they’re incredibly low maintenance. With wooden decks home owners have to worry about weather damage, re-staining or even resealing your wood every once in a while, but paver patio’s are very easy to care for and only require an occasional rinse. 

Every three years we recommend having a bit more sand added to the joints of your patio to keep it strong, but that’s a small task compared to those who have to worry about their patios every time the season changes.

Increased home value

Do paver patios increase home value? Yes! Not only do our custom paver patios in Fort Worth contribute to that ‘wow’ factor that so many home buyers can’t resist, according to SmartMoney.com, a hardscape patio can increase the value of you home by 12.4 percent.


Paver Patio Projects

Infinite Styles, Colors and Textures

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Something we all love about paver patios is the range of styling options available because no other patio can be as customized as one where you can choose the size, shape, color and texture of every stone, but what many don’t know is that these stones can be used in many other design elements of your backyard. 

If you are looking to install a new paver patio, we can help you choose the materials that work best in any design. Popular options include, but are nowhere limited to.

  • Concrete pavers
  • Stamped concrete
  • Brick pavers
  • Flagstone
  • Slate
  • Granite


With paver patios, the possibilities to make your backyard the coolest on the block are endless and the best part is that your dream paver patio is only a call away. Our team can wait to bring your dreams to reality and to make your new paver patio the highlight of your home.