Retaining Walls in Fort Worth

Retaining walls are structures designed to hold back soil and prevent land from sliding and eroding away. If your home is on a hill or your land isn’t leveled, a retaining wall may be one of the best investments you can put into your home to ensure that everything remains in place and intact for years and years to come. Other than the stability that a retaining wall can provide, there are tons of perks that make this structure a great addition to any home or yard. These beautiful structures make yard maintenance a breeze because they require practically no upkeep and they provide flat surfaces at elevated intervals so you can kiss your days of fighting your lawn mower up and down a steep slope goodbye. Having a retaining wall installed will also make natural disturbances like flooding, sinkholes and erosion on your land a worry of the past. Retaining walls can add a beautiful new touch to your backyard that will provide shade, seating or even space for a new outdoor kitchen or fireplace.

Homeowners who may consider selling their house down the line will be happy to know that along with all of beauty and benefits that a retaining wall brings, installing one also significantly increases the value of your home. With all of the hazards and problems retaining walls prevent, your family will be in a safer environment and that’s a great incentive that potential home buyers will appreciate just as much as you do. Whether you stay or go, a retaining wall is a great decision either way and this is a purchase that will save you tons of money. Unlike other backyard additions, a retaining wall isn’t just pretty, but it’s very practical and in some cases it’s absolutely essential.

Here at Forth Worth Patio & Hardscape, we offer a huge variety of materials to build the retaining wall best suit for your design taste and home. From boulders to stones, bricks to concrete or even timber, you’ll have tons of options that’ll bring different textures and tones to your outdoor living space and our team is dedicated to bringing all of your design dreams to light by customizing your new retaining wall to be both sturdy and attractive. While we don’t recommend using wood for retaining walls because it breaks down significantly faster than stone options but, if you must have lumber we can guarantee an installation that will last over a decade and that can outlast retaining walls installed by competitors by years. 

So, with all of the benefits you’ll see and all of the compliments you’ll receive the only thing standing between you and a sturdy new retaining wall is a phone call. Let our experts give you an evaluation and a quote today!

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